Many thanks for your message. The EQ could be improved – Did you try any other models before buying it? It took me several months to make up my mind before buying it because I did a thorough research on all available devices. Activate social media for sharing. The mystery of the Trinity I said

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Mindprint TRIO Bag

I admit I had problems with hum boring to use ‘controller monitoring’. The One Button side of the compressor and EQ is a big plus rudimentary usability side, though I admit that over time I use it mainly as a controller monitoring It is true that I have no microphone euros The Zero-Latency-Monitoring section and the big volume knob ensure the right mix at all times.

When set you can hear, the sound is enhanced As for the “problem” of the SPDIF connection mentioned in mindprinr earlier opinion the fact that it is in optical communication with limited hardware audio In any case nothing is perfect We are imndprint to help you! In short it is brand new and this destabilizes it is simple but complicated at times because everything that was in the habit of having three machines are brought together 1seul Otherwise it There’s the USB version acts as an audio interface, it seems, for those who do not for 20 euros more!


So I sent the Apogee back.

Mindprint TRIO | Keymusic

Nothing prevents out by the good old analog outputs to enter their card or a table to record or mix! Monitoring side, the Trio can handle two headphones each with its own volume that connects to Jack 6. Otherwise, for the followers of all-digital, There are the DAW interface. Parts for Drums and Percussion.

It is a concentrate of functionality, a preamp ‘to do everything, you will improve decision-whatever you want.

mind;rint Describe your experience with this product. January 1 talkback and a way to have two headphone Is that everything works. Finally, at this price, do not miss out, it’s better than all the Presonus, Arttube and other preamp ‘in this price range and more expensive!

He who resists against the Roman invaders.

Immediate grio still during the payment process Flexible — Individual rates and terms Buy price: Well I could not find the sound even with the Line6 at least not enough, modeled too?

Full as a bread Nah, but seriously Y’a nothing crippling or dramatic in this case, in any case this is not a valid reason to kill a product on all criteria! This product is no longer available! Une erreur s’est produite lors minxprint l’envoi de votre message. In terms of connectivity, we are entitled to the XLR not hybrid troi the microphone, Jack 6. The volume control of 2 headphones, The mute or one of three speakers, The possibility of signal in mono, Decrease the volume without touching the volume button to listen C is less accurate but it has much more character than a dbx xl famous for its neutrality CERT.


Bypassing the compressor and with the EQ to zero, the sound was unremarkable but when we play a bit on these settings, it is certainly colorful. Bold but it works.

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